How to Share the Screen With Data2CRM Account Manager?

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You can use one of the following tips to share the screen with Data2CRM Account Manager:

            1. Give Irene a link to tool you want to use for sharing the screen (e.g. link to your Skype session).

            2. Send a request to Data2CRM Account Manager and get free tool for sharing your screen.

After that we will send you invitation link to join Irene with video collaboration tool. All you have to do is to follow up and make few clicks.

Push the buttons (here are their names) according to this sequence:

  1. Allow cam/mic access
  2. Use your microphone
  3. Allow (in the appearing window)
  4. Enter /data2crm-irene
  5. Knock (now wait for Irene’s reply)
  6. Share screen (it is in the center bottom of your screen)
  7. Add extension (in the appearing window)
  8. Share (in the appearing window)
  9. Stop sharing (push this button only after the Account Manager chat is over)

Irene is going to see the picture like this:

share screen

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