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Data2CRM wurde entwickelt, um CRM-Benutzern eine reibungslose, genaue und sichere Datenmigration zu ermöglichen.Unser Team verbessert ständig den Service, um alle Ihre Anforderungen zu verwirklichen. Wir verstehen, dass unsere Kunden der teuerste Wert sind, den wir haben.

Aus diesem Grund arbeitet das Data2CRM-Team in vollem Umfang daran, alle Ihre Datenmigrationsanforderungen zu erfüllen. Wir freuen uns über die Kundenaussagen, da Ihre erfolgreiche Datenmigration unser Ziel ist.

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Matt Eierweis
Sales / Operations at The Solar Power Co

This software is a pleasure to work with, very simple, elegant & user-friendly. The accuracy in the data migration is spot on. The consultant was great, she was very responsive and worked hard to help answer my questions. She walked me through the migration process and made it stress-free and simple. She was not interested in trying to make my purchase, she helped me navigate the software so I could see the power of how it worked - that made my buy!! highly recommend

Benjamin Bouet
Sales and Support Administrator at ViaDialog - Customer Interactions Management

We reviewed the migration (Salesforce Sandbox to Salesforce - editor) last week. Everything is fine for us! Thank you very much.

Maximilien Cost
Managing Director at Brainet

Easy migration with support for the difficult parts. It was easy to transfer and I transferred most of my data easily. It was done quickly (less than a few minutes)

Mark McGraw
Owner of Sandler/Sales Engine LLC

Super easy to use. Most of the fields were already mapped for me so much of the work was done. Frankly, the interface was very pleasant and easy to navigate. Plus...let's not forget this...it worked!

Mike McPeak
CRM Administrator at Hale Trailer Brake & Wheel, Inc.

Very responsive customer service. Worked through any issues I had and made sure I was 100% satisfied. Support staff was very accommodating and even allowed me to correct and error via API after the migration was completed. The mapping template was very confusing to me. However I will say Data2CRM turned this into a positive, by being very helpful, and in the end allowed me to create my own mapping in excel, and doing the mapping for me. Then all I had to do was confirm the final version.

Kris Borgraeve
Director at Digital Practice

At https://www.digitalpractice.com.au (Marketing for Doctors) we wanted to use AgileCRM and had our database stored in Hubspot. Data2CRM Migration helped us in an afternoon and we were able to keep our marketing/sales operations going during and immediately after the migration. Great tool. Good service. Thank you.

Andrew Lowe
Marketer at CXO-Cockpit

Data2CRM were the quickest to respond to my requests and the results are great. With quite a challenging task they delivered the finished product well under the expected time frame which was a huge plus for us.

Philippe Allot
CEO at ORDINAL Software

Exhaustive migration of a complex CRM database.The ability to migrate complex custom fields into Pipedrive's approach, so preserving our information since a long period.

Reem Aljamel
TDM Group

I was very impressed with how quick and efficient the whole process was. Their customer service answered all of our questions we had and ensured any of our requirements and specifications were met. The whole process was smooth and fast. They saved us a lot of time and made it way easier for us.

John Pickering
Group Marketing Manager at Accident Exchange Group Plc

Supportive on Live chat...excellent product, just have to realize that these CRMs aren't designed to talk to one another, what they do is a convenience.

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