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Data2CRM.API Security

Data2CRM.API is developed by MagneticOne, an innovative company that provides effective solutions for e-commerce, business and website management. Being 15 years on the market, MagneticOne has gained a reputation of a quality web services provider that is focused on the high-performing functionality and security of client’s data.

Security is the cornerstone of the work with client information, and this aspect is always taken in all conscience. Here at Data2CRM.API, we build our solutions based on innovative, efficient and security-focused approaches.

    Physical Security Layer

Data2CRM.API provides security logs, 2-factor authentication, and the service has a specialists who track all the processes to guarantee full security.

    Network Security Layer

We use the best and proven practices of network security. The preventive measures Data2CRM.API offers are the following:

  • network firewalls
  • DDoS prevention, and
  • network posture assessment.

    Application Security Layer

Our service provides you with HTTPS-encrypted communication, role-based authorization, and validation of all requests to ensure the security on the application level as well.

    Security Audits

On a regular basis we scan all the systems to prevent any vulnerabilities. The software is constantly updated, so all the connections to the previous version are limited, logged and checked.

    Privacy Policy

The team of Data2CRM.API is aware of all the points of Privacy Policy that restricts the access to personal data of clients and receive the updates only in the cases of changes on the customer’s side.

Data2CRM.API is a solution for growing and scalable business software infrastructure that is designed with a high emphasis on the security and data privacy. Feel free to contact us for more detailed information on our security measures.


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