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Salesforce Project Management Integration – Power Up Your Business

Project management software is a tool, used to facilitate project planning, scheduling and resource distribution. Some of the particular goals of project management system implementation include simplified cost and budgeting control, quality supervision, as well as document sharing and collaboration. Although PM software is used in a variety of ways and is expected to provide real-time project status visibility, stand-alone solutions often fail to perform to their full potential. The necessity to input large amounts of data into the system often makes the tool overly complicated and increases the risk of human error.

As a project management soft provider, you are probably looking for new opportunities to expand the functionality of your product and increase the number of potential clients. Keeping everything mentioned above in mind, you should consider CRM integration.

A PM app, connected with the CRM platform makes a lot more sense since much of the information that has to be input into the project management solution is already added into the CRM. Therefore, leveraging the CRM system data will reduce the risk of human error and increase information quality and accuracy. Another valuable benefit of an integrated PM system is that a lot of important information can be obtained from the CRM solution without the need to contact the sales team or the customer. Such a direct access to client-contact history increases the efficiency of the project management soft.

Surely, having all these benefits added to your PM solution will make you stand out from the dense crowd of competitors and attract new clients, widening your market share. But what platform should you integrate with? The number of possible options is huge, and if you are wondering which one to start with, consider Salesforce.

It is a well-known fact that Salesforce is one of the prime CRM solutions, that offers a whole set of advanced features. This SaaS provides its users with multi-channel marketing revenue forecasting, lead management, etc. Integrating your app with this platform will allow you to expand your potential client circle with 100k+ Salesforce customers and over 5 million users! Sounds impressive, right? Then let’s cut to the chase and look at the ways to perform the integration.

One thing you can do is find a developer, willing to write an integration module and outsource the task to him/her. However, such an approach comes with some challenges. First of all, it may take quite some time to develop a new solution. Secondly, you will have to find a way to deal with module maintenance and upgrades. All this may result in a constant need for developer services and considerable expenses. And what if you want to go beyond Salesforce integration and connect your solution with numerous CRM platforms?

Fortunately, there is a solution that offers outstanding integration opportunities for project management solution providers - Data2CRM.API. This web-based service provides a unified API for simultaneous integration with 12+ CRM platforms. It allows to synchronize the data in real time and receive access to leads, contacts, users, etc. Some of the other advantages of this innovative solution include:

  • 40+ API methods, allowing to perform various data manipulations;
  • High security, ensured by the 32-symbol API Key and SSL connection;
  • Robust documentation with code samples for you to test;
  • Full technical support and assistance.

Have questions about the service? Look through our documentation or contact our expert for getting more details.

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