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Pipedrive API Integration: Basic Advice for Business App Developers

Most companies use a whole set of various apps and software solutions to manage their business processes. Traditionally, CRM platforms serve as the central location to store all customer, transaction, activity and workflow information. Parts of this data are often duplicated in other tools, such as marketing automation, project management, accounting, telephony, etc. However, entering all of the data manually into multiple systems and keeping it updated requires a lot of unnecessary work and creates discrepancies.     The best solution to the described problem is to...

5 Marketing Automation Systems Too Good to Be True

Marketing Automation Comparison
The sales cycle has changed greatly over time. Nowadays, a huge part of the customers educate themselves with online content before buying the product or even contacting a vendor. Independent product reviews, social networks, forums and blogs make a colossal influence on consumers’ decision making process. The task of modern marketing specialists is to react...

Pipedrive API Integration: Mind-Blowing Data2CRM Upgrade

Great news! Yet again Data2CRM.API offers new possibilities for its clients by expanding the range of supported platforms. From now on all Data2CRM.API users will be able to integrate their apps with Pipedrive and retrieve accurate information on accounts, contacts, opportunities, tasks, notes, etc.         The service, enhanced with the new amazing feature will give you...

SugarCRM Telephony Integration: Building Block of Your App’s Success

Telephony industry has undergone some major changes over the history of its development. Starting as simple pairs of directly connected devices, today many telephony services and systems incorporate digital technology to improve the capacity, quality and cost of the network. Among the newest advancements in the field are such technologies as VoIP (Voice over Internet...

Vtiger API Integration: Open the Horizons of Perspectives

Nowadays, the competition in the field of business app development is extremely high. Software providers have to work hard and constantly add new functions and properties to capture the attention of potential customers and retain the existing ones. Among the most demanded features for every business app, regardless of its purpose, is the option of...

Salesforce API Integration: a Straight Path to Success

Regardless of the size and industry companies work in, most use CRM software nowadays. Customer relationship management solutions allow to...


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