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Bitrix24 Marketing Automation Integration: Build Up Your Business

Marketing Automation software is now very popular among businesses of any size and industry. Generally, it helps to conduct successful marketing campaigns, nurture leads, create relevant, personalized content, automate repetitive marketing tasks and measure their effectiveness. However, even despite the large demand, the competition on the field of marketing automation apps is quite intense. Software providers have to work constantly on improving their products to attract the attention of potential customers and retain the existing ones.

One of the improvements that is guaranteed to have a significant positive impact on customer acquisition and business overall is CRM integration.

Exploring the Benefits of CRM Integration

Application integration, in general, allows to improve business efficiency, enhance scalability, and reduce IT costs. Whereas, CRM integration, in particular, offers a possibility to retrieve information on accounts, contacts, leads, tasks, opportunities, activities, etc. The users of your marketing automation app will be able to take advantage of this data to improve the effectiveness of their marketing campaigns and establish a more personalized communication with their own customers.

Thus, connecting your app with multiple CRM platforms will add value to your product and make it more attractive to a wide circle of potential clients. This, in turn, offers the prospects of revenue growth and business improvement. Evidently, adding the CRM integration feature is a win-win situation, where both customers and vendors get their advantages.

One of the most important decisions, connected with the CRM integration project is a choice of the suitable platforms to add. While there are numerous systems out there, a few are as popular and powerful as Bitrix24. This CRM has gained the trust and loyalty of more than 700 000 companies and 3.5 million users worldwide. It has proved capable of meeting the growing demands of various organizations and help them stay competitive in their niche. With the adoption of this solution, each company can receive its personal domain and social intranet. Moreover, the sales funnel provides an at a glance view of the transactions status. A comprehensive toolset that includes workflow automation, customer segmentation, built-in invoices, document sharing, etc. is sure to persuade many new users to choose Bitrix24.

Integrating Bitrix24 with your marketing automation soft will allow adding all existing and future Bitrix24 clients to your potential customer circle.    

Challenges and Best Practices of Bitrix24 Marketing Automation Integration

As it has been mentioned before, CRM integration brings numerous benefits, yet establishing it often requires a considerable amount of resource as well. Even if you use an API, which is perceived to be the most convenient and effective integration method up to date, there is a big chance you will face some difficulties along the road, especially if you aim to connect with multiple CRMs. Because every platform has its specific way of data storage, you will need to develop separate integration modules for each solution and keep maintaining them after the connections are established. Therefore, finding a tool that would help to get access to different customer relationship management platforms simultaneously, proves to be the best way to approach an issue.

Data2CRM.API is exactly the service designed to help business app providers avoid the complications and make the integration process as smooth as possible. It offers seamless integration with Bitrix24 and 12+ other CRM platforms, including Salesforce, Zoho, SugarCRM, Highrise, Insightly, etc. A well-documented API, full technical support, and personalized service complete the list of Data2CRM.API advantages, making it a perfect solution to deal with your integration issues.

Check out our interactive documentation, or schedule a free consultation with an expert to learn more about Data2CRM.API.

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