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7 Best Project Management Apps of 2015

Delivering projects within the time and budget constraints is crucial to their success, yet increasingly difficult to achieve. As the number of active ventures and various factors to consider grows, businesses find it more and more difficult to keep track of all the important pieces. This is where project management solutions come to rescue.

Project management services are collaborative systems that allow team members and associates to work inside these applications, breaking complex tasks down into component parts and tracking the progress of each subtask more effectively. In such a way, PM solutions provide managers and business owners with a bird's-eye view of each project and its status.

There is a huge variety of PM solutions to choose from and each has its own peculiarities and best use cases. Therefore, it is important to keep in mind such factors as availability of multiple permission levels, pricing, deployment type, etc.

To help you find the fitting platform for your organization, we have picked out 7 most popular project management software solutions and created short summaries of each.


Jira is a tool built with the agile software development teams in mind. This solution makes it easy to raise and track bugs, as well as monitor the status and time spent on each issue. As far as integration with other tools goes, Jira offers a seamless interaction with other Atlassian products, in particular the solutions for document collaboration, team chat, video and file sharing, etc.

Jira has both web-based and on-premise versions, however, running the latter one requires a bit of sys admin knowledge and java knowledge. Using the cloud version proves to be much easier, but comes with a slight drawback - the tool does not support typical SSO technologies.

Jira starts at $10/month for up to 10 users and offers a free 7 days trial.



The main peculiarity of using Podio is an ability to personalise it to fit your business needs. This is achieved through the modular structure of the system, which consists of separate apps, stored in the “App Market”. Thanks to such an approach, project managers can decide exactly which functions and tools they wish to incorporate into their workspaces and leave out all the unnecessary features.

In addition to this, Podio can be used as a file storage system, an internal intranet for different departments to interact and even a CRM system. In case you want to add even more features to this software solution, Podio offers a good API that makes it easy to integrate with other services.

The starting price of this software is $9 per user/month. It is also possible to use Podio for free with up to 5 users and no time limit.



Basecamp is one of the old-timers in the project management industry. Its intuitive interface enables an effective communication with the team and clients. The main recognized advantage of this platform is an incredible ease of use. You can design projects, setup discussions, create to-do lists, manage files, and share documents in just a few minutes. Moreover, basecamp is fully responsive, which makes managing your projects anywhere and at any time with the help of mobile devices simple and convenient.

The only disadvantage of this tool is a somewhat limited feature set, as compared to other popular solutions. However, this doesn’t make Basecamp less powerful, for it provides all of the functions necessary to help managers get things done.

Basecamp plans start at $20/month with first 60 days of unlimited use for free.



Teamwork is the productivity tool with the focus on team communication and time tracking. It allows you to monitor all your projects, tasks and files from a single place for more effective collaboration within a team, as well as with other involved parties. Such features as marked calendar, gantt chart and reporting help to visualise the entire project.

The integration options of this soft are also diverse. It can be easily connected to various third party accounting software and customer support apps. It also provides the support of file management with Google Drive, Box.com and Dropbox.

The pricing options for this software start from $12/month for up to 5 projects and 1GB space. There is also an option to use a 30-day unlimited free trial or choose a forever free plan with 2 projects and 100MB space.



Smartsheet is an online tool suitable for businesses of all sizes. It’s main benefit is an easy to understand spreadsheet-like interface. Such a familiar to most structure helps to increase team productivity of numerous departments within the organization. A set of powerful features, allows to effectively track and manage projects, tasks, customer information, etc.

Smartsheet offers seamless integration with many third-party solutions through its well-built API.

Smartsheet’s Basic pricing plan is $10 per user/month


Trello is quite different from all the other tools discussed in this article. It is a kind of digital whiteboard with post-it notes that aims to provide an at a glance view of the entire project. This solution can be used to organize virtually anything, from personal activities to complex projects with many participants. Various extensions allow to track time, spent on the task, see progress, etc.

Trello is absolutely free but also offers a gold package at $45 a year, which extends larger attachments, extra sticker packs, saved searches and more.

Trello’s pricing ranges from $0 for a basic plan to $20.83 per user/month for an enterprise plan.


Asana’s main purpose is to ensure an easy collaboration with remote workers and freelancers, eliminating the need to use email as a primary communication tool. Asana offers scheduling, files sharing via Google Drive, Dropbox and Box.com, status updates and numerous other useful options.

In addition to that the tool comes with mobile apps on both iOS and Android, allowing to work on the go.

Asana offers a free plan for up to 15 users or you can upgrade to Premium for $8.33 per user/month.

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