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API Design Recap: Lessons Worth Remembering [Infographic]

Designing with a human perspective is key to building human strategy. While a serious cutting-edge design is happening in the UX spectrum, the developer experience is acquiring more and more emphasis. So far, the API design is expected to be more comprehensive, and take the fundamental goals as a basis. In contrary to the heavy regulated industries, the APIs are varying, and in comparison with machines - they are flexible.Once you define the requirements of APIs, you will recognize how to expose the backend data and app functionality for use in client’s applications. Without clear goals reflection, the API design will hold back the business development...

Reasoning for Sales Enablement Integration with CRM Development

We all know that climbing the ladder of success requires lots of efforts. That is why company owners seek for technical improvement and apps to simplify the workflow. A fresh solution that market provided for business leaders and SMBs today is integration. The competing environment generates the conditions so that you have to keep abreast....

API Security: Discovering Core Aspects of Authorization Process

APIs have established and solidified a place in business model reshaping as they make data, mobile and cloud applications, and Internet of Things (IoT) more available to larger audiences. Delivering the clearly structured configurations and flows, APIs turn a service or app into a scalable, secure, and reliable system. Thus, the digital era brought technological...

Microsoft Dynamics Integration a Guiding Advantage for Leaders

Having access to many “solution doors” isn’t a privilege these days. Vendors are in a constant search of progress triggers for their companies that will increase the workflow agility. In fact, organizations employ lots of tools and solutions, but the most important thing is the functionality. Whether they can break through the wall of competitivity...


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